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Jsv Polish Fine Scratch Remover 300 Ml

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Jsv Polish Fine Scratch Remover 300 ml

Especially caused by situations such as washing, brushing, wiping with a cloth.

It removes flecks, scratches (not on the liner).

100% performance for car enthusiasts.

Fast processing and dazzling results

If there are thicker scratches, first of all our product Jsv Thick Scratch Remover

It is recommended to use a cake.

. The ability to use either manually or with a machine.

Automix Professional Drying Wipes and Automix Professional for best results

Use Polishing Cloth

Manual Application:

By taking some product on the cotton cloth or cotton wool, by applying circular movements and pressure on the vehicle until the scratch disappears

is driven.

Then it is wiped with a clean cloth.

Machine Application:

A cake sponge or wool felt is attached to the end of the machine. A small amount of cake is poured on the scratched surface and the machine is scratched at 1200-1500 rpm.

It is applied until it disappears. Then it is wiped with a clean one.

.Do not apply under the sun and on hot bodywork. Apply with circular movements.


· Please read the instructions for use.

.Keep away from children.

.Do not contact with foodstuffs.

In case of contact with skin and if swallowed, wash with soapy water.

In case of eye contact and swallowing, consult your doctor.

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