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French Style Black 2 Sprigs Of Chamomile In Pots

Product Code: 1347354
  • $8.72

Tags: French, Style, Black, 2, Sprigs, Of, Chamomile, In, Pots

Product Story

a beam of Daisies in a vase French style, in terms of occupancy and gives a huge image of naivety. Daisies the vase has been made much more prominent because he is black. scan goes from left to right in the appearance of a French style black vase has a structure, and in this respect is quite remarkable. Adding chamomile into the product has been created and a live view of the vase has gained a great deal of saturation. Will be one of the most striking objects of the environment. Home, office, work, and your personal rooms; in short, all you can use in living spaces. The product is designed as a gift by creating an integrity. As shown in the product image are sent together in the pot and chamomile.

product dimensions

flower pot Measures

Product Length: 18 cm

Product Mouth Diameter: 8 cm

Daisy Measures

product height: 32 cm

Tulip product height: 3.5 cm

Product number branches: 6

Product rod length: 9 cm

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