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Artificial Pomegranate Tree In Pots Porcelain

Product Code: 1347361
  • $14.07

Tags: Artificial, Pomegranate, Tree, In, Pots, Porcelain

Product Story

looking porcelain pots, artificial pomegranate tree, visually demonstrate great vitality. When first seen, the number of people who think Live is quite high. The vibrant red colors, the product to be marked and made sure to get noticed. Pomegranate tree in pot artificial foam has been used in order to create a good foundation. On top of the foam was covered with stones. Stones were glued with special glue, and thus continues to look like a flower in the event of relocation and transportation. Pomegranate bending branches, bending bamboo with the bunch of skeleton has been created, and thus doesn't make. Do not contain carcinogenic substances in that you can use them as you wish with your loved ones. Artificial pomegranate tree which will be one of the most striking objects of the environment, your home, your office, your work and personal rooms; in short, all you can use in living spaces. Also you can choose to gift it to your loved ones.

product dimensions

Product total length: 38 cm

Potted Length: 13 cm

Potted Width: 12 cm

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