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Molped Ultra Hygienic Pad Normal 10 Pieces

Product Code: 1355942
  • $2.83

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Molped Ultra Hygienic Pad Normal 10 Pieces

Which it is Turkey's most liquid traps Molped pad Ultra Normal Sanitary Pad, provides a safe and happy life in all circumstances with superior protection. PAMUKSU TOP SURFACE: It provides all-day comfort on your skin with its cotton-like soft top surface and breathable texture. LEAK-PROOF: With its shape that prevents leaks, it fits your laundry perfectly. The absorbent zone that quickly captures the liquid offers maximum dryness throughout the day. NON-SLIP: It gives maximum confidence with its special triple wide wings that completely surround your underwear and its shape that is compatible with a body thinner than 2mm. Includes colorful patterned packages. Molped Ultra Normal Sanitary Pad is hypoallergenic, does not contain paraben and chlorine. Dermatologically tested. For your comfort and health, we recommend that you change your daily pad every 3-4 hours at the latest. All of Molped products are Halal certified.

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