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Autokit Carnauba Car Scratch Remover Paste Polish 300 Gr

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Autokit Carnauba Scratch Remover Paste Polish 300 gr

Product description:

This product is produced to make the surface smooth and shiny, remove scratches and stains without damaging the surface before polishing.

It is a unique formula with a mixture of special cleaning agents and substances. It is easy to apply compared to other pastes and is a strong cleaner.

· Renews extremely dirty surfaces and dull paints. It is ideal for removing accumulated old wax, road tar, tree residue, oxidation, insects and road dirt. It also cleans and protects the chrome.

It forms a protective layer on the vehicle surface by removing detergent, salt, tree sap and bird droppings.

It protects the surface of your vehicle from the sun's UV rays and acid rain throughout the year.


· After washing your vehicle, apply the polish on the surface of the vehicle with a special application sponge or a damp cloth provided with its packaging and in circular movements.

Apply one part at a time and apply evenly and let it dry until it penetrates well and becomes cloudy.

To get the desired brightness; Gently rub it with a clean, soft, lint-free cloth.

For best results:

· Do not apply in direct sunlight or at such a temperature that the surface cannot be touched.

· Do not use if the varnish coating of the vehicle is damaged.

· Avoid contact with glass and floors.

If it comes into contact with that surface, wash it off immediately with undiluted shampoo.

Apply on textured surfaces with a certain texture by gently rubbing with a soft nail brush.

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