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Comfort Plus SDS-1257 Digital Body Analysis Scale

Product Code: 1342232
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Tags: Comfort, Plus, SDS-1257, Digital, Body, Analysis, Scale

Comfort Plus SDS-1257 digital body analysis SCALE product name:body fat analyzer (SDS-1257) sizes:dimensions: 320 x 330 x 27.2 mm (Approx) net weight:approximately 1.75 Pounds (excluding batteries) display:backlit digital LCD Weighing Unit:Kg Weighing range:5 to 180 Kg. Chapter:0.1 kg Precision:-50 5 kg ±0.3 kg; 50-100kg: ±0.4 kg; 100-150kg: ±0,5 kg; 150-180kg: ± 0,7 kg operating environment:Temperature: 5oC and 40oC Humidity: 15% RH to 93% RH atmospheric pressure: 70kPa to 106kPa Housing Environment:temperature: -20 oC to 60 oC Humidity: ≤ 93% RH atmospheric pressure: 50 KPA to 106 KPA power supply:6 Volts (four AAA "pencil thin" Battery) Opening method:perception, technology, auto power off:if no action is taken, after 10 seconds shuts scales. Accessories:1.Four AAA batteries 2.Instruction manual operating mode:continuous operation

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