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Stanley Wheeled Team Bag Stst180150

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STST180150 Stanley Wheeled team bag
the lid of the bag compartment organizer for small parts and accessories 2 in the team
sturdy and durable with a plastic body for a long time with the possibility of the use
rugged and durable construction with a Custom plastic housing,
removable tray for tools and accessories large storage space
rust resistant metal locks, thanks to the possibility of the use for a long time,
Geometric design provides Custom metal lock fully and properly shutdown,
the possibility of installing a padlock to store your materials safely,
Ergonomic soft-grip handle allows for easy carrying of heavy loads
thanks to the long Telescopic handle and large wheels provide superior maneuverability and easy handling in all areas,
Wood, pipe, etc. the products integrated at the top of the cover in the part of the V-groove of the possibility of using the pane,
construction site, garage, workshop, garage, etc. allows for easy use in all areas,
the possibility to use safely even in the harshest conditions,
maximum resistance and the highest safe for Transport made special,
carrying capacity of 40 kg and a volume of 50 liters with the possibility of the wide use
located in the image is not included in the product contents INSTRUMENTS,
Measures 665x404x344mm

by the time your product reaches you, check the package next to the cargo officer.If you observe any damage, necessarily to the cargo officer, “damage REPORT” secure your not.For damaged cargo is obliged to submit the report to the cargo officer.

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