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Belco Auto Cake Hand Machine Scratch Remover 500 Grams

Product Code: 1348325
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Tags: Belco, Auto, Cake, Hand, Machine, Scratch, Remover, 500, Grams

Usage Areas and Features

It is a product that can be used on cellulosic and acrylic topcoat car paints.
In addition to its surface smoothing function, it gives very good results in cleaning the dust and dirt layer on old and new painted surfaces.
It creates a thin, bright protective film layer on the surface and increases the resistance against scratches and impacts.


It is applied directly on newly painted surfaces after waiting for 1 night.
The application can be made by hand or machine.
In manual application, the process is continued until the cake applied to the surface dries in the same direction with a clean and soft cloth.
After the residues are cleaned with washing, Belco Polish Polish is applied on it.

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