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Chrome Steel Charcoal Grill

Product Code: 1342087
  • $21.02

Tags: Chrome, Steel, Charcoal, Grill

GAGA raa¼ntaa¼naa¼n olasaa the IAA§Erica: yazaa±



we produce and sell..!

satand produce get without

our products are manufactured from stainless steel

measuring 30cm x 43cm comparison of mobile docking

it takes space in the trunk of your car, the feet need to carry the box in

it takes seconds to set up very easy with the feet attached

the trump card resides in the grille is chrome steel double izgarali

thanks to ventilation, it is very easy lights

than in many years old that you can use our product

on sale at wholesale prices for promotional purposes for a period will be made

special measurement orders are generated


founded in 1958, our company

- produced goods has always been involved in the market

which we do not follow in our country

we are supplier of many companies

positive reviews in our quality...our customers!

EVERYONE that has done GOOD WORK she's doing I'm sure.

but we always we're working..!

with delivery to anywhere in Turkey

(please refer to the name of our other postings)

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