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Mano Jmt-19 Metal Locked Tool Box Jumbo

Product Code: 1342390
  • $10.45

Tags: Mano, Jmt-19, Metal, Locked, Tool, Box, Jumbo

Mano JMT-19 metal tool box Jumbo is locked




toolkit gather your materials together that are designed to keep all the hardware bags.
all screws, nails and materials such as lathes can fit easily into the bag.
an ergonomically designed product is extremely useful.
The Bag 1. high quality material is made of highly durable material class levels.
quality material is used, since there is no problem in any way breaking such as cracking.
in the bag through the small panes, several hardware provides ease of storage of your gear as a single group.
various styles and sizes, because a wide product option, />mechanism, such as opening a locked door is not an issue.
with the lock, opened the door, no lying around for your materials.
thanks to an extremely easy to carry and handle to hold found on the product.
it has been deformed in any way.

Ebat:486 X 267 x 320 mm

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