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Zamzam Glass Silver Sena Team

Zamzam Glass Silver Sena Team

Zamzam Glass Silver Sena Team

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Tags: Zamzam, Glass, Silver, Sena, Team

Sena Team Zamzam Glass Silver

grout is a product that you can use Zamzam for your special days or your compliments.
Products 1.It is produced from class materials. Domestic Production.For pilgrims who have completed the task of cross Zamzam is suitable for use in the provision to our guests.
Sena does not tarnish Zamzam team.Is the color of gold.Glass interior.

package contents

  • 1 jug of Zamzam
  • 1 silver Tray the
  • 6 Zamzam Glass


the flow of products should be washed in the dishwasher, in the case of throws and the time of protection does tarnish. Must be hand washed in warm water and should be wiped dry.

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