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Joy Schafer 32 Piece Porcelain Breakfast set

Product Code: 1326571
  • $95.66

Tags: Joy, Schafer, 32, Piece, Porcelain, Breakfast, Team, Lace-Xxx02

the benefits of breakfast are endless. Balance blood sugar, metabolism, and allows the brain to function better... especially breakfast rose patterned, a breakfast with wonderful colors to do with the team is priceless. The Breakfast team, consisting of joy 32 pieces, plates, cups, recellik with you. Use good-bye.

team 32 piece breakfast joy

set contents:

6 service plate 21 cm

6 PCs of 220 cc tea cup

6 x saucer Tea

25 cm 2 oval plate

4 Jam 9 cm

6 Ovarian

1 Shaker

1 piece Salt


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