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Artificial Orchid Arrangement-White

Product Code: 1347274
  • $52.75

Tags: Artificial, Orchid, Arrangement-White

Product Story

Artificial Orchid Arrangement in a pot were placed on a horizontal base. The combination of seaweed in the pot with orchids was used. Orchids two-tier sideways as it opened. Orchid petals and bundles of greenery in the algae product section, by using a color Yesil integrity and vitality gained. Also Yesil is eklenis shrubs in the middle of the pot. Product view thanks to the artificial arrangement and has moved away from the image. Understanding the fact that those who know outside of the product that is artificial is artificial is almost impossible. Where the mood will change and will add a different air. Home, office, work, and your personal rooms; in short, all you can use in living spaces.

product dimensions

Product total length: 62 cm

product width: 55 cm

potted product Length: 30 cm

planter product Width: 7 cm

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