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Jumbo Water Heater Electric Water Heater

Product Code: 1366699
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SEVEN JUMBO water heater water heater, security system.

instant hot water

7 safety system

3-stage tube resistance

Domestic Product

2 year warranty

the element does not make contact with the water of the sheath.

thanks to the water pressure switch, water does not come in if the device does not work.

electrical switch the input level Switch and level control of the device when the device is switched on and check warning lamp remains illuminated.

Sudden the installation of heat occurs, the thermostat closes the electric circuit for the water heater automatically. Is activated again when the temperature rises.

permanent water resistance of the water surrounding the tube in the container because there is the safety valve against pressure peaks is made of.

if for any reason clogging of the device at the exit of the water heater element of the device is disabled.

if for any reason your device runs without water, the thermostat senses the temperature and the circuit is cut on and off automatically.

temperature adjustment button

private shower handset

warning lights

Water input and output

user settings


220 V ~50Hz. 3000 - 4000 - 7000 w 40 Amps

mss 1,5 min 3 Lt.

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