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Natural Fermented Black Olives Roasted Oily Flood 500 Cc Glass - Grain Size (201-230)

Product Code: 1328962
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Tags: Natural, Fermented, Black, Olives, Roasted, Oily, Flood, From, Cow's, Milk, 500, Cc, Glass, -, Grain, Size, (201-230)


500 cc glass jar - Gemlik-Fat Seat - Natural Fermented whole black olives - New Harvest

a net amount 300gsm

Akhisar region carefully collected our Gemlik type olives and produced Dial Olive, our country is one of the best quality of Table Olives. Our olives weighed 45 kg barrels after the separation is done with sea salt using dialing method month in the range of 5-6 olgunlastirdik. Corn oil by the addition of natural style your appreciation offered. Our olive salt ratio is less than other types of black olives. Without the use of an extra additive, naturally for you have been produced. Our products are not to use any chemicals in the kernel can be brown and slightly bitter in taste.


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