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Cold Coffee Tower Pages

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your coffee, cold water, meet the new tastes by brewing slowly with the drip method.

hot water, oils, acids and untie reveals the inside of ground coffee beans. Cold water, acid and oil does not allow to output. So cold brewing, which is obtained as a result of the coffee, low acid coffee.

the high acidity of coffee and destroy the taste. Already with a certain acidity the acidity of coffee beans, it cools as it rises. Wait for a long time cooled at room temperature and high acid is the reason that the taste of the coffee is very bad.

the coffee oils steeped in cold water does not spoil the taste acid and unsolved. So if you wish your coffee is hot, ice is cold, you can eat if you wish.

brewing coffee bamboo towers by slowly brewing your coffee with the unique taste is your opportunity to meet with the ice.

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