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17110 Blue Multi Wool Rug Country Home Carpet, Hand Woven Carpet

Product Code: 1331309
  • $443.58

Tags: 17110, Blue, Multi, Wool, Rug, Country, Home, Carpet, , Hand, Woven, Carpet

Carpet, Home carpet, country Collection

-country elegance Carpet Home Carpet Collection, modern Collection, hand-woven on special looms with the technique is twist.

-home carpet Country Carpet Collection, 100% worsted wool yarns is manufactured with. Pile height is 11mm.

-it is a cotton ground. Carpet floor, hand-woven and sits at Ground Zero does not slip or crumple. Soft and has a velvety texture.

-Country Series home carpet Rug 100% worsted wool yarn, thanks to the colors and hues are more vivid.

-Carpet country Carpet Home, a house that should have a prerequisite and will add richness to every corner of your home, I will... is ready to serve you.


--soft, velvety

--hand-woven Carpet

--%worsted wool yarn 100

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