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Hecha Consummate Cookware Red

Product Code: 1332862
  • $349.51

Tags: Hecha, Consummate, Cookware, Red


28 cm Shallow Pots

Pots 28 cm

Pots 24 cm

sauce pot

  • 100% iron-cast structure, in the temperature of your food both healthy and allows you to lock and stay fresh for a long time. the
  • Durable enamel coating.80% is hand-made. the
  • eco-friendly can be recycled and contribute to saving energy produced from cast iron. the
  • lifetime warranty.

Cleanup: the dishwasher is compatible although it is recommended that the product be washed by hand. Wash in warm water with dish detergent and a sponge will be enough.

January eligibility: induction, gas, electric or ceramic hobs and Grill are suitable for use for radio. Can easily enter the oven.

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