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Red Wooden Folding Chair

Product Code: 1333162
  • $18.07

Tags: Red, Wooden, Folding, Chair

wooden table
Width Depth Height
32 cm
40 cm
82 CM
the tree is manufactured from dried and soaked.

being comfortable to use with easy to foldable.

dispatched in 3 business days product will be delivered.
the cargo transport Time is not involved in this process.

is sent to the board, does not require installation.

easily portable in the trunk of the vehicle.
the paint colors used in the product of the inherent of natural wood Vein, snag and interior color layers.

paint a shade darker or lighter therefore may be discarded.
it is a structure that is sensitive to temperature and moisture of the wood protection and maintenance is necessary because you need to be.

all hot Objects, the essence of spills and clean wood direct from the tree would be difficult to work in contact.

the environment is affected by extremely hot and humid.
Product in a studio environment the high-resolution shooting with Marina Reviewed.

the tree that is used may vary due to the nature of light and tone difference.
the product if desired, dye-free shipping can be made.

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