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Fissler Vitavit Comfort Pressure Cooker 6 Lt.

Product Code: 1343388
  • $346.27

Tags: Fissler, Vitavit, Comfort, Pressure, Cooker, 6, Lt.

· comfortable strap with handy functions and Fissler vitavit® comfort pressure cooker is ideal For everyday cooking.

· hassasayar with vegetables, fish, soups and Meats, everything so healthy and delicious you can cook it fast in a way but at the same time.

· pressure cooker / Steam cooking kit and Triangle Foot.Location Assistant: Cover For The Correct Placement.Cooking Settings: Precise And Quick Cooking Settings.Indicator System: Allows You To Control The Cooking Process Easy.

· Lock Button: allows you to hear and see that it is properly locked the lid.Removable Handle: For Easy Cleaning.Energy efficient "Cookstar" base, thanks to every tour in January, including induction and can be used for Ideal heat absorption, distribution and protection

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