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Puma T7 Women 57507501 N Classics Logo Yoga Pants

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Tags: Puma, T7, Women, 57507501, N, Classics, Logo, Yoga, Pants

Puma Women T7 n 57507501 classics logo Tights

PUMA fitness genre with a real serious he's a freak. This tayta±n which K and T7 on the classic pattern, the look is believed to be inseparable even when they sweat during year koayu flagged havala will provide. Dileayimiz for you Ayu: Nothing at the time Antrenmanlara may be with you all of the excuses the other.

Classics style tights

elastic waist-flagged±

T7 panels

No. 1 logo PUMA Archive, the other tu±

slim fit

cotton and elastane




°ade and exchange process, product 14A from the date of delivery of the access for iayga¼na¼ held in lmala±or±r.

°Ade & deay



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