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Double Travel Kit

Product Code: 1340885
  • $5.40

Tags: double, travel, kit

product information:

200x240 cm 1 disposable travel kit with double sheets, 2 pillow cases 50x70 CM disposable, disposable bath towel 80x140 cm 2, 2 40x80 CM, disposable, disposable towels, towel 40x45 cm head and 2 foot boards. All products are packaged individually.

if you care about cleanliness while traveling, You like the rest of us Haypak disposable travel kit you'll love. Domestic, abroad trips, and is ideal for camping trips.

our products are manufactured from one hundred percent recyclable raw materials. Disposable towels, sheets and pillowcases after using our products, please throw away paper recycling boxes.

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