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Masked Shawl 1000-22 Dried Rose

Product Code: 1341219
  • $7.57

Tags: Sefamerve, Masked, Shawl, 1000-22, Dried, Rose

It has a dry rose color. Cotton fabric. Simple. You can choose 4 seasons. Standard.

- The masked shawl is made of 100% organic cotton and the mask and shawl are of the same color and fabric, providing a stylish look and the fact that the mask is fixed on the shawl will increase the convenience of going out without a mask.
- It is woven from 100% organic cotton yarn and turned into a masked shawl.
-The image is stylish and elegant.
-It is suitable for use in all seasons.
The product is patented.
-Personal use product.
-Except for problematic products, no returns or exchanges are made.

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