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Castilian Natural All-Purpose Cleaner 800ml

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Tags: Castilian, Natural, All-Purpose, Cleaner, 800ml

Castilian Natural All-Purpose Cleaner 800ml

Brand: Castile
Product: Natural All Purpose Cleaner
Series: Castile Soap
Usage: Used for cleaning all surfaces
Type: Liquid
Amount: 800 ml

Natural cleansing with herbal soap and thyme.
Sls, sles, paraben, phosphate, chlorine, perfume, colorant, synthetic solvent, gdo etc. Does not contain synthetic and / or chemicals!

Castile Soap is a versatile vegetable-based soap that does not contain animal fats and synthetic ingredients. Natural, non-toxic, castile soap is biodegradable. It takes its name from the Castile region of Spain.

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