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Ktools Retro Leather K216 Bluetooth Nostalgic Flip Turntable Blue

Product Code: 1341542
  • $134.45

Tags: Ktools, Retro, Leather, K216, Bluetooth, Nostalgic, Flip, Turntable, Blue

Ktools Retro Leather K216 Bluetooth Nostalgic Flip Turntable Blue



The Retro K216 will be your indispensable, which will take you on a journey through the time tunnel and provide an excellent quality sound experience.
You can easily connect your devices to Prime K216 with its Bluetooth feature.

Enjoy listening to the records of your favorite artists with this nostalgic record player, which will provide an excellent sound experience for those who are bored with digital sounds.
With the functional keys, you can easily turn the volume of the music down and turn the music you listen back and forth and start and stop.


The quality sound coming from the Retro Sound speakers will amaze you.
You can also provide AUX connection thanks to the aux outputs on the back. If you wish, you can take the product everywhere and listen to your music easily with Powerbank (Sold Outside).
You can easily listen to the music on your phone with the Bluetooth connection, and you can reach a more perfect sound by connecting an external speaker or a column to the RCA audio connection system on the back of the device.
-Supports All Plates, Including Stone Plates-


He can play all records, including stone records sold in music markets and thrift stores. (33, 45, 78 cycles)
Quality sound experience without the need for an additional speaker thanks to the built-in stereo speakers
Wireless connection with mobile devices and listening to music from turntable speakers with Bluetooth connectivity
Ability to use the power cable by connecting it to the power bank and socket adapter (Socket adapter comes out of the box)
Power bank (portable phone charging) and 4-20 hours of uninterrupted use in non-electric environments (may vary depending on the capacity of your power bank)
Can be used either as a coffee table or on a table with detachable legs
Automatic stop when the plate runs out with auto-stop feature
Connectivity to external speaker and sound system via RCA speaker connection output
Ability to listen to the music played from the turntable speakers by connecting devices such as tablets and phones via aux-in audio input
3.5 mm headphone output jack You can Play Your Music by Directly Connecting Your Memory Card to the Turntable.

Thanks to the USB Cable Included in the Box, you can also use it by taking power from your Powerbank.


-Ktools Retro Leather K216
-Leather Covered Pedestal Turntable
-Ktools Turntable Adapter
-Ktools USB Energy Cable
-1 Spare Needle
-Ktools Warranty Certificate

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