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Lenco L-85 Turntable Green Usb Connected Record Player

Product Code: 1341567
  • $269.13

Tags: Lenco, L-85, Turntable, Green, Usb, Connected, Record, Player

Lenco L-85 Pickup Green

Lenco is manufactured with innovative Swiss technology with a rich heritage in turntable and engineering.

Lenco L-85 allows you to listen to your old and new records by converting them to mp3 with the same perfect smoothness and quality wherever you are.

All you have to do is plug in your USB stick of required size and record with the “REC” button while playing a record. If you wish, you can open a new file with the "SPLIT" button and record the tracks separately.

- Belt-Drive professional turntable

Speeds: 33/45
- 6 color options: Black, gray, red, white, green, yellow
Built-in Pre-Amplifier
- Direct recording to mp3 via USB
Semi-automatic system
- High quality mmc cartridge
- Attachable dust cover
- Dimensions: 420x362x118 mm
- Weight: 2.5kg

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