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Lenco Classic Phono Tt-28 C Retro Turntable Record Player with Built-in Speaker (Beige) (Turntable Needle Gift)

Product Code: 1341570
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Classic Phono TT-28 C Retro Turntable with Built-in Speaker (Beige) (Turntable Pin Gift)

Classic Phono TT-28 C retro turntable with built-in speaker stands out with its bright cream-colored grille giving an old radio character. The model basically includes a radio with a wire antenna inside. With the solid key structure of this excellent device, you can adjust the FM and volume you want.

Classic Phono TT-28 C Retro Turntable General Technical Specifications

Belt-Drive professional turntable
Speeds: 33/45
Internal Pre-Amplifier
Belt drive
RCA output
Power Supply: AC 230 V, 50 Hz
Built-in AM / FM Radio
High quality stereo speakers with clear sound
Blow the Winds of the Past at Your Home with the Classic Phono TT-28 C Retro Turntable

The classic TT-28 retro style record player brings the old times to life.
This record player is equipped with a built-in AM / FM radio.
It is also available with a manual volume arm and manual tone arm. By moving the lever yourself towards the plate, you can insert the needle into the plate. This manual action reinforces the nostalgic effect.
This record player plays records at 33 and 45 cycles per minute.
This Classic Phono record player, which comes with built-in speakers, is equipped with two built-in 1.5 Watt speakers. You can also choose to connect an external speaker set via the RCA connection.
In addition, headphones can be connected if you want to listen to music without disturbing others.
Experience Real Music Pleasure on Retro Record

The classic TT-28C is presented as a beautiful and stylish record player with a true retro look. It also fits perfectly with the decoration of your home, with its luxurious dust cover matching the recorder and beautiful authentic details. Thanks to the user-friendly features of the classic TT-28C's recorder and built-in speakers, you can play your favorite music in high quality. During a birthday or party, this perfect record player can give everyone a musical feast with tons of old and new hits. In addition to all this, when all your favorite recordings are played, you can easily switch to listen to FM radio stations.

About the Brand

Standing out with its turntables and attracting worldwide attention, especially between 1950 and 1980, Lenco is refocusing its historical roots and continues to produce a series of new and design wonder turntables.

Classic Phono TT-28 C Built-in Speaker Retro Turntable

Retro turntable with built-in speaker with TT-28C product code in the Classic Phono series designed by the famous Lenco brand has been specially designed for home users. It has a very aesthetic and impressive appearance with its retro style and classic car panel appearance.

Lenco was founded in Switzerland by Fritz and Marie Laeng in 1946 and entered the turntable and Hi-fi market in 1960. From the beginning, it has taken its place among the prominent brands of the sector with its high quality and reasonable price. It started a new era in the world of turntables with the 4 kg and 312mm L-75 model that it launched in 1967. Lenco has continuously added new products to its product range with the innovative spirit it has maintained since its establishment, and has created a wide product range that appeals to all segments by combining its past experience with today. Some of the favorite products of turntable fans who seek professional and high quality are the L-3808, the L-175 with its design, difference and quality, the L-90 which is wooden, stylish and high quality, and the L-85, which is a favorite that has just met with the turntable world. . L-84 and L-3867 USB-powered models are also among the choices of those looking for simplicity.

Lenco, one of the most important brands of the turntable world, continued its innovations and created the Classic Phono brand for those looking for a stylish, economical and integrated speaker system, and although it is new, it has come a long way in the market. The product with code TT-28 C is also a brand new product in this series. You can enjoy both its retro style and its high quality sound. Classic car design also adds a nostalgic feel to the product.

Classic Phono TT-28 C Retro Turntable Turntable is a professional turntable. Thanks to its belt system (Belt-Drive), it provides a vibration-free operation. The record reading speed of the product in the form of a portable bag is 33 and 45. The product dimensions are 400 x 370 x 165 mm and it weighs 4 kilograms. The TT-28 C Retro Turntable also has automatic return and automatic stop features to make it easier to use. The device, which has two built-in stereo speakers, also has red and white RCA inputs so that you can connect external speakers whenever you want. It also has a headphone jack for personal music experience.

Another important feature of the product is the round and sensitive radio AM / FM tuning dial, which is similar to the speedometer of cars on the front. Thus, you will be able to enjoy not only recordings but also the radio listening from your turntable.

General features of Classic Phono TT-28 C Retro Turntable are as follows;

Belt-Drive professional turntable

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