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Lenco L-3808 Matt Gray Turntable Usb Connected Direct Drive Motor Pl

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  • $365.71

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Lenco L-3808 Pickup

The Retro turntable with product code L-3808, designed by the famous Lenco brand, has been specially designed for home users. It has a very aesthetic and impressive appearance with its modern style combined with wood.

Lenco was founded in Switzerland by Fritz and Marie Laeng in 1946 and entered the turntable and Hi-fi market in 1960. From the beginning, it has taken its place among the prominent brands of the sector with its high quality and reasonable price. It started a new era in the world of turntables with the 4 kg and 312mm L-75 model that it launched in 1967. Lenco has continuously added new products to its product range with the innovative spirit it has maintained since its establishment, and has created a wide product range that appeals to all segments by combining its past experience with today. Some of the favorite products of turntable fans who seek professional and high quality are the L-3808, the L-175 with its design, difference and quality, the wooden, stylish and high quality L-90 and many more. L-84 and L-3867 USB-powered models are also among the choices of those looking for simplicity.

Lenco, one of the most important brands in the turntable world, continues to produce professional turntables for those looking for stylish, economical and integrated speaker systems. Lenco has innovative Swiss technology with a rich heritage in turntable and engineering. Lenco L-3808, with its white aesthetic appearance, will add integrity to your home and provide a perfect musical feast to your home. With its stylish design, L-3808 allows you to save your old records to your computer via USB with new technology.

The Lenco L-3808 turntable is a professional turntable. It has a motorized system (Direct-Drive). The difference between motor (direct-drive) and belt-drive is the use of rubber in my belt-drive system. Problems may occur as a result of the flex of the tire used in belt-drive turntables. Turntables with motorized operating system are therefore easier to use, not easily deformed. L-3808, which has a transparent plastic dust cover to protect your plate reading table from possible accidents, impacts and damages, has a record reading speed of 33 and 45. The reason why the 33 'plate is called 33' is that the rotating disc comes to the same point 33 times per minute. It is indispensable for 45 'vinyl amplifier turntables. Another feature of 45's records is that they can be listened to in cars in the 60's and 70's. The Lenco L-3808 turntable also has a semi-automatic turning system to facilitate use.

The most important feature of amplified turntables is that they can be listened to when plugged in. Amplified turntables do not require any equipment. Amplifier turntables have different patterns and features. Lenco L-3808, which has a built-in pre-amplifier, allows you to record your records in mp3 format thanks to its USB connection. Pre-Amplifier helps to increase the sound to the desired level in turntables. It is an intermediate segment used to process, direct and amplify the signal from the pre-amplifier source that is at least amplified. The signal is then directed to the power-amplifier where it is maximized to the speaker.

Lenco L-3808 turntable measures 450x350x139 mm and weighs 5.36 kg. It also has mechanical arm and high quality mmc cartridge.


Professional turntable with motor (Direct-Drive)
Stylish Design
Speeds: 33 RPM / 45 RPM
3 color options: Gray, white, black
Internal Pre-Amplifier
Direct recording to mp3 via USB
Semi-automatic system
Mechanical Arm
High quality mmc cartridge
Attachable dust cover
Dimensions: 450x350x139 mm
Weight (Net): 5.36kg

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