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5 Pieces 50 Ml Konix Antibacterial Gel, Hand Disinfectant

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Hygienic Hand Cleaning Gel

* It is formulated suitable for sensitive skin.
* It provides immediate protection against many microorganisms by acting quickly.
* It provides fast effect in a short time.
* It does not require the use of rinsing, paper towels and water as it is suitable for use without water. For this reason, saving time and costs
* Suitable for use with lotions and latex gloves.

* Moisturizes

It is an anhydrous gel suitable for use, formulated to reduce the spread of infections. It contains 65% alcohol as well as skin-protecting moisturizers.

usage areas

* When hand antisepsis is required.
* In hygienic and surgical hand antisepsis.
* Before putting on and after removing gloves.
* Before and after contact.
* In case of need.


Remove your jewelry before use. Make sure your nails are not long!

Remove all jewelery before use. Make sure that the nails are not long. Make sure that there is no visible contamination on the hands and that the hands and skin are not wet. It is used as often as desired. The duration of action will continue until the next contamination. Take 3-5 ml of hand sanitizer. Your hands according to EN 1500
Rub with Konix Hand Disinfectant Gel.

Do not dry.

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