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Pesturka Plain Pestil and Walnut Pestil 700Gr

Product Code: 1342256
  • $6.83

Tags: Pesturka, Plain, Pestil, and, Walnut, Pestil, 700Gr

Our product is 700 grams.

Our product will be delivered to your door in a 700 gram box.

Our product, which is mixed with plain fruit pulp and walnut pulp, consists of two types and is in equal amounts and in packages.

Our products do not contain preservatives, so we recommend you to order as much as you can consume.

After our products are manufactured in the factory, there is no stocking process. Fresh products are delivered to your door.

The raw materials of this product are mulberry, walnut or hazelnut.

Our product is 700 grams. We have divided the two flavors in half, Packed with Care and Made Ready for You. The products from the factory will first be delivered to our Gümüşhane branch and then to your door. After looking at the wonderful flavors of plain fruit pulp and walnut fruit pulp, you'll be addicted. Bon Appetit

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