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Natural Sisal bath and shower Kit 5Li - fiber massage, peeling, face Fiber, natural soap, pumice stone, hair brush

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what is sisal?

cannabis that looks like a large, leafy, abundant fiber, used in weaving sisal plant is located between the islands of Mexico and a large portion of anti Yucatan is also produced.

benefits of SISAL

Amaryllidaceae, which belong to the family AGAVE SISALANA is an extract of the plant. Massage done with sisal fibres; skin acne, eczema, varicose veins, psoriasis, it is very useful in skin diseases such as cellulite. very effective for healthy skin peeLing performs the task, thus it cleanses the skin.

about the use of SISAL

after being kept in hot water bath soap(gel) with the sponge(lif) on the surface preferably using kopurtule.

in contact with water quickly softened.

Yawning feature, does not irritate the skin.

can easily be used for cleaning the face.

damp and should be dried after bathing to avoid the spin rinse with plenty of water.

we wish a healthy life with smooth skin.

Sisal bath set

100% natural products manufactured from it.

to complete massage sisal fibre 100% sisal fiber is manufactured.


fiber sisal massage 1 Body Cleanser

1 Sisal Fiber Face.

natural soap 1 Unit

1 pumice Drawstring

1 unit wooden hair brush.

product features SISAL

provides high quality and high durability | 100% a rough and tough look which has a natural structure of sisal the main feature that give power. Strength, endurance, stress resistance against salt water deterioration in capability and features like, are some causes of sisal in the use of Body Cleanser. If used properly, and if it is dried well after use, won't tear. Long-term use provides.

| an impressive array of advantages and features. Sustainable, renewable, in addition to being made from a natural resource, sisal fiber moth and rot resistant, anti-static, anti-bacterial, and dust mite resistant. Most importantly, never does not generate bad smell because it is antibacterial.

are made from horsehair fibers compared to cotton and offers a great alternative! | cotton, horsehair, fibers or bristles made from boar rots quickly, it is torn and causes various damages in your body because they're cheap and poor quality. However sisal natural peeling strength, improves blood flow of toxins and allows your body to be removed from your skin from head to toe it gives you energy. These 100% natural, highly sustainable and environmentally friendly. It is healthy for your body more than others.

there are various benefits and more healthy. It is ideal for allergic people |Sisal, are perfect to exfoliate the entire body, but the most important massage relieve ingrown hairs and cellulite and invigorating properties because the aim is to fight. A wet natural Sisal for massage, circulation can be used to invigorate and stimulate, by opening the pores of your skin, while letting you suck more oxygen, healthier and younger-looking skin, provides deep cleansing.

excellent face & body & FOOT bath set ? As a bonus, wooden massage comb | Face sponge pad allows you to have brighter and more vibrant face. Pumice stone, you can have softer feet and heels. Organic soap which is important to protect the skin's natural barrier is close to the pH of 9-10. Naturally this level is alkaline. Wooden comb and dry your hair, prevents electrocution. The hair more vibrant appearance. Its soft structure thanks to a great massage allows you to experience.

attention ! Important warning:, which has the structure of volcanic rock pumice has a porous structure, the sizes of such pores or small Great may be this is not the fault of the manufacturing structure.

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