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Swanson Works Motorcycle-Bicycle Chain Lubrication Spray 400 Ml

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Swanson Works Motorcycle-Bicycle Chain Lube Spray 400 ml
Usage areas
It is a high-quality grease lubricant that is resistant to cold and heat and can work under heavy dynamic loads. It is used in chain and sliding mechanisms. It can also be used on running machines. It has good friction properties. In addition to lubrication, it also has a protective effect on wire and rope constructions (such as elevators). It is effective for a long time in the internal and external lubrication of chains, motorcycle chains, sprockets, door hinges, rails, ball bearings, circlip, O and X rings, wire ropes and all kinds of dynamic joints. It can work between -40 ° C and + 200 ° C. It does not drip, has high adhesion to surfaces, prevents corrosion, and has moisture and water repellency.


Shake before use. First, clean the dirty parts with a general cleaning spray until no residue remains. Let the surfaces dry. Then apply Chain Spray to the surface to be applied from a distance of 5-10 cm. Contains ozone-friendly propellant that does not harm the environment.

400 ml

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