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Korkmaz Luna Astra Samovar

Product Code: 1342562
  • $58.93

Tags: Korkmaz, Luna, Astra, Samovar

Size: 1.0 It / 3.0 It
18/10 Cr-Ni Stainless Steel

Three layers of capsule base
Wide base surface
Aesthetic special form
Carefully polished exterior surfaces that maintain their shine
Porcelain teapot

It is one of the models that can be used on the stove. There is no electrical installation.

Usage areas;
- Picnic tube
- Old type of bench top hobs
- In aerated concrete picnic stoves
- In wood and coal stoves
- Quarry irons in high furnaces
1- The distance between the base of the stove and the samovar should not be less than 5 cm.
2- It may be difficult to use in conventional stoves where the furnace iron is not high, since the distance between the tap and the stove base is short.

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