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Gipta Useful Plants 2021 Weekly Agenda Set

Product Code: 1346699
  • $8.78

Tags: Gipta, Useful, Plants, 2021, Weekly, Agenda, Set

Binding Type: Thread Stitched

Product Dimensions: 17 cm x 24 cm

Number of Pages: 152

Page Corner: Round

Cover Type: Cork Cover

Paper Color: Extra White

Paper Weight: 90 gr

Additional Information About the Product:

1 Week / 1 Page

52 Useful Plants and Their Benefits

Notebook Department

Rubber Cover

Pen Rubber Holder

Pocket Cover

With Seed Ballpoint Pen Gift

You can plant the seeds in the hopper. Let seeds turn into saplings, saplings into trees, trees into forest ...

Compression mechanism, Recycled paper body, Special seed hopper in the pressing part, All of the plastic parts are made of biodegradable bio plastic.

Hope you use it with love ..

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