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Babyes Laura Mommy Baby Care Backpack

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Babyes Laura Mommy Baby Care Backpack



    The soft strap of our bag will not hurt your shoulder.
    Bag-independent heat insulated bottle bag, waterproof
    Baby changing mat with dirty diaper bag free
    is our team. Thanks to its special textured, wipeable light fabric
    You can easily clean our bag.
    Babyes products are not with current and popular designs,
    it is also used in the production of bags.
    They are also famous for their materials.
    They have an extremely light body compared to their internal volume. (0.65 kg)


    Babyes care bags are comfortable, stylish and easy to clean, as well as very light and useful thanks to its special fabric.
    Babyes nursing bags do not contain harmful chemicals such as Bizfenol A, Phthalate and lead.
    You can use our Laura backpack with peace of mind thanks to the wide and comfortable shoulder strap and the soft pad on the back without causing any discomfort on your back.
    Our key ring, which adds elegance and difference to our bags, is designed in a way that our mothers can easily disassemble and put them when they want to use it.
    In our Babyes care bags, there is a thermos bottle bag, a wipeable dirty cloth bag as well as an anti-bacterial diaper opening mat for your babies.
    There are specially designed eyes for the bottle on the side of our bag.
    With its large internal volume, you can easily carry all your baby's belongings.
    You can easily adjust the shoulder straps of our Laura backpack to any size you want.

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