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Bioder Bio Epilation Hair Reducing Ant Egg Oil 30 Ml

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Bioder Bio Epilation Hair Reducing Ant Egg Oil 30 Ml

Since ancient times, 100% real BIODER Ant Egg Oil was developed by combining the power of science with the traditional method of ant egg oil.

Bioder Bio Epilation Ant Egg Oil; With a synergistic effect, its powerful content is combined with Complex B Herbal Extract and other herbal extracts; It reduces and thinns unwanted hair and delays its growth. It helps the skin to achieve the desired smoothness.
Ant Egg Oil; It affects the root of the hair, reducing the number of hairs and thinning the hair diameter.

Cotton Oil: Softens the skin. It has strong antioxidant properties.

Olive oil: Provides sensitive skin care and prevents moisture loss.

Complex B Herbal Extract: Complex B Herbal Extract consists of herbs with proven feather reducing effects. Clinical studies have revealed effects such as reduction in hair number, weakening of hair and delay in hair growth. Increases skin moisture.
Use of:
After the hairs are removed from the root, it is applied to clean skin. It can be applied to the desired area with circular massage movements. Provides long lasting smoothness. Suitable for all skin types. It can be used regardless of hair and skin color. It is also effective on yellow and fine hair.
Clinical Results:
As a result of the efficiency tests conducted by German Independent Laboratory Dermatest with Ant Egg Oil;
Up to 89% reduction in feather appearance,
Hair length reduction up to 39%,
A decrease in hair diameter of up to 29% was observed.

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