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Scarex Gel 15 Gr

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Scarex Gel 15 Gr

Hypertrophic scars and keloids, which are formed as a result of disorders during the proliferation of fibroblasts, indicate that wound healing does not occur in a normal course. In this direction, placing the silicone gel on the scars is an effective support method for treatment. The contribution of silicone therapy to scar treatment has been proven by clinical trials.
The gel reduces excessive collagen production by regulating fibroblast activity. In addition, by regulating growth factors (TGF, FGF), it reduces the size and density of the scars.

Silicone is an effective substance that supports the healing of scars and protects the new skin. Recommended by the International Advisory Panel On Scar Management as an adjunct to the treatment of linear hypertrophic scars, keloid and disseminated burn scars.

Meditech ScarEx, a unique blend of medical silicones, is a surface gel that helps treat hypertrophic scars and keloids. It dries quickly in the application area and forms a breathable but waterproof layer on the skin surface.

Meditech ScarEx Gel, which is applied on the scar that continues to heal actively after it is closed, adheres to the skin surface and moisturizes the wound; It creates a protective barrier against chemical, physical and microbial invasion. Thus, suitable conditions are provided for collagen synthesis to return to normal; The physiological and cosmetic appearance of the wound improves.

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