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DJI Phantom 2 & Zenmuse H4-3D Cameraless Drone Set

Product Code: 1347506
  • $635.15

Tags: DJI, Phantom, 2, &, Zenmuse, H4-3D, Cameraless, Drone, Set

DJI Phantom 2 New Multicopter
Here, the new Phantom has a compact design like the 2nd Phantom, it has a technology that enables FPV flight and aerial photography. With the H4-3D gimbal support, it allows you to take clearer and flicker-free images.

Note: This product comes with a Dji H4-3D Gimbal. GoPro Hero4 Black camera is NOT included.

Matters Needing Attention:
SHGM registration and cheap permission required !!

Gopro Camera is not included.

Customized H4-3D 3-Axis Gimbal Support
Can-bus Extension Module: This module allows you to connect iosd or 2.4 G Bluetooth Datalink.
FPV easily: AV output and video-downlink come on power cables and are ready to use.
More precise and stable flights: Possibility to take videos and photos thanks to the smart GPS autopilot to be able to stand still, fix the position and hover properly.
25 minutes flight time and smart battery system: High capacity 5200mAh smart lipo battery provides up to 25 minutes flight time.
Automatic return to the place where it took off and landing (Home Return Landing): If the phantom loses its signal from the controller during the flight time, the Naza-M autopilot system automatically switches to failsafe mode and if the signal is good, the phantom automatically turns to the place where it took off.
Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC): Intelligent orientation control makes the flight pattern simpler. Regardless of the phantom direction in home lock mode, every point is the same compared to the pilot flying.
Professional Power Control Management: If the voltage on the battery drops below a certain level, the phantom 2 will automatically go down.
Easy battery usage:
Self-tightening propellers: With these propellers, safety is ensured in the air throughout flight and prevents fluctuations that may occur.

When using, comply with the laws and regulations of our country.

Check the Environmental Conditions.
1. Avoid incompatible weather conditions. (wind, precipitation, snow, etc.)
2. Make sure there are no people or animals near you.
3. Surrounding buildings, electricity poles, etc. Avoid.
4. Avoid areas and surfaces that may cause magnetic interference, eg metal surfaces.
5. Make sure you are at a sufficient distance from no-fly areas. Military areas, airports, highways, air traffic routes etc.

Check your multicopter.
1. Check your propellers, motors, controller and batteries of your device.
2. Make sure your gimbal unit is connected properly and has fall protection.
3. Remove lens caps and gimbal guards if you are using them.
4. When turning on your device;
- first turn on your remote control. (make sure the mode switches are in the top position)
- Turn on your Range Extender unit, if available.
-Then start your multicopter.
5. Make your first checks. Check the charges of your remote control, Multicopter, and other units.

Please pay attention to the warnings for Safe Flights.

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