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Fımı X8 Se White

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FIMI X8 SE - 4K Drone

FIMI X8 SE - 4K Drone Features

4K 100Mbps video
3 Axis Mechanical Gimbal
Foldable Modular Design
5 Km Usage Distance
Intelligent Tracking, Intelligent Flight
33 Minutes Flight Time
High Consistency Vision Positioning System

3 Axis Mechanical Gimbal
Sony IMX378 Sensor, 1.55um pixels
4K 100Mbps video
TDMA HD real-time transmission
F-log mode and DNG RAW
Fully Adjustable Camera Settings

Fimi X8 SE 3-Axis Mechanical Gimbal

3-Axis Mechanical Gimbal
The FIMI X8 SE combines light-weighted 3-axis mechanical yaw with lath control algorithms (control accuracy is much better and up to 0.004), which delivers very smooth and jello-free videos even in high speed or strong wind conditions.

Fimi X8 SE Sony IMX378 Sensor

Sony IMX378 Sensor
The camera combines a 1 / 2.3 "12MP Sony IMX378 sensor (the best 1 / 2.3" sensor) and an f / 2.2 aperture lens. Compared to the Mi drone 4k camera, the FIMI X8 SE's camera has less power consumption, higher dynamic range and better color performance. The IMX378's single pixel size is 1.55um, which allows the camera to have a better low-light performance.

Fimi X8 SE Professional image
Professional image signal processors
Equipped with the Ambrella professional image processor, the FIMI X8 SE shoots video at an incredible 4K / 30 fps, records at 100 Mbps, and supports a maximum shutter speed of up to 1/8000 per second to capture high quality shots at any time. New F-log mode and DNG RAW image can store more details for post processing.

Fimi X8 SE HD video transmission

Real-time HD video transmission
FIMI X8 SE, the built-in second-generation TDMA HD Digital video transmission system, adopts the latest encoder and decoder, which ensures better video quality and low latency, advanced anti-interference performance and adaptive streaming bitrate technology, increase the image transmission distance up to 5km.

Fimi X8 SE Foldable

Foldable and portable Design
FIMI X8 SE is a compact and lightweight, foldable and portable drone with only 73 * 106 * 204mm folded size. It is easy to put in a backpack. Compared to the last generation, MI Drone 4K. Total weight of FIMI X8 SE decreased by 42.8% and storage area by 70.2%.

Fimi X8 SE Remote Control

Remote control
We redesigned the X8 SE remote with detachable sticks and elongated structure design, it is small and ergonomic, but compatible with all mobile phones, even iPad mini.

Fimi X8 SE Aerodynamic Efficiency
Higher Aerodynamic Efficiency
The aerodynamic design of the fuselage, the higher efficiency motor and propeller combination together with the high-density intelligente lipo battery ensure that the new X8 SE stays in the air for up to 33 minutes. Meanwhile, the noise has decreased by 7dBm compared to the drone 4K.

33 minutes flight time
18m / s flight speed
5m / s ascent rate
4m / s descent speed
4500mah smart battery
-7 dBm low noise

Fimi X8 SE Motion-lapse

FIMI X8 SE motion-lapse uses imaging and flight control systems to make professional cinematic timelapse with a simple touch of a button and no post-processing hassle.

Fimi X8 SE Search and Rescue Mode

Search and Rescue Mode (SAR Mode)
Portable light design, long range video system and long flight time make the FIMI X8 SE very suitable for rescue missions. With the precise coordinates location, it helps you quickly find the rescue target.

3x digital zoom camera
GPS, real time coordinates
33 minutes flight time and 5 km usage

Fimi X8 SE Precision landing
Precise landing
The FIMI X8 SE uses the down camera to recognize the launch pad and land on the right pad.

Fimi X8 SE Mobile Application

Mobile Application
Completely new design interface with OTG cable, easy to use between remote control and mobile devices, plug and play.

Fimi X8 SE Safe flight

Multiple protections for safe flight
All multiple safety protection functions make the drone a safer journey.

Fimi X8 SE Technical Specifications
FIMI X8 SE RC Quadcopter Dimensions: 204 x 106 x 72.6mm
Diagonal size: 372mm
Item Weight: 790g
Hover accuracy vertical: ± 0.1m (within ultrasonic detection range) ± 5m (when GPS Positioning is enabled)
Hover accuracy Horizontal: ± 1.5m
Max ascending speed: 5m / s
Maximum descent speed: 4m / s
Maximum cruising speed: 18m / s
Flight limit: 500m
Maximum Flight Time (no wind): Approximately 33 minutes (at a constant speed of 8 m / s)
Wind resistance:? 50kph
Satellite positioning systems: GPS + GLONASS
Operating frequency: 5.725-5.850 GHz
Remote Controller Dimensions: 203.8x91 x 46.6mm
Weight: 370g
Working frequency: 5.725-5.850GHZ
Maximum controllable distance: About 5000m
Battery: 3900mAh lithium battery
Nominal voltage: 3.7V
Charging Port: Micro USB
Input: 5V - 2A
Gimbal Controlled rotation scope: 0 ° 90 -90 ° Pitch angle
Angle control accuracy: ± 0.004 °
Stabilization: 3-axis gimbal
HD 4K Camera Lens: FOV 78.8 °
Aperture: f2.2
Focus distance

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