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Dromida Ominus Yellow

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Dromida Ominus Yellow Drone

Dromida Ominus Yellow Drone
Model Information

The designers of this drone have covered the extra mileage despite the built quality being maintained. The outer frame of the aircraft consists of a solid metal frame for the fuselage. For navigation, the drone relies on software and sensors that operate the drone's stabilization feature. According to the official Dromida ominius website, the drone can survive a variety of obstacles during flight, such as hitting a fence, being crushed by a bite, and even being chewed by a dog. Considering the amount a person is paying for the device, making sure your drone will withstand accidents is something buyers will appreciate.

Battery life

Although the flight time is projected as 15 minutes, this depends on various factors such as wind speed and the general nature of the flight. Taking all factors into account, the average flight time is therefore 8-12 minutes. The charging time of the battery is approximately 45 minutes.


Dromida ominus includes the latest software features when it comes to the control panel. The control panel is powered by 4 AA batteries. A Drone can operate in high or low mode using 2 basic modes. The high mode increases the drone's agility, giving you the freedom to perform more aggressive maneuvers such as flip-flops. Low mode reduces the drone's agility during flight. You can also turn off expert mode. When the expert mode is not in use, the accelerometer is turned off giving more room to perform manual stunts.


The aircraft has a detailed notification system consisting of LED lights. A notification LED blinks continuously for 30 seconds before the battery is completely exhausted. When various modes, such as the expert, are turned off, the notification LED will also flash to alert one of the changes.

Flight performance

This is one of the connected drones to give you a very smooth flight experience. The plane is fast, very responsive and can perform various demonstrations. The drone can comfortably hold the lips in the air by pressing a button. It's even possible to fly the plane upside down if you wish. For smooth flight, it relies on an advanced system that includes drone gyroscopes and accelerometers. The agility, impressive speed, and stunt skills of the drone will definitely make the drone fun and catchy.

What is in the box

The device comes in a sturdy metal case with separate compartments. Inside the pods you will receive the drone, spare propeller set, screwdriver, a comprehensive user manual, and a set of AAA batteries to power the controller. The user manual of this particular aircraft is very detailed. There are detailed descriptions of the controls, various panels and how the various operating modes work.

Technical characteristics of the drone
Dimensions: (14.8 x 9.7 x 3.9 inches)
Battery: A rechargeable 700mAh Lipo 3.7V 1s battery
Weight: 101g
Color: Yellow, green, red, blue
Transmitter: STL radio system (2.4 GHz)
Flight time: 15 minutes
Range: 100 meters
Battery charging time: 50 minutes

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