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Radiolink T8Fb Mini F110S Flight Racing Drone

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F110S Micro Racing Drone
Best Choice for Beginners
Altitude Holding with Inertial Navigation
altitude Accuracy
The flight controller CS360 combines Kalman filtering technology with idle navigation altitude hold algorithm. Inertial navigation blending gyroscope, accelerometer and barometer keep the F110S Altitude Hold stable even at an altitude of one meter facing fluctuations in airflow.

Three Flight Modes
Worry-Free Application
F110S is the default three flight modes. RC freshman can practice altitude Hold Mode (Low speed) Altitude Hold Mode (High speed) Stablize mode. People with no flying experience who can control the F110S even the first time, easy to reach from novice to professor.

Teach with Live Activities
Expand creativity and imagination
Put together as a building block, it allows RC students to use their DIY skills and enjoy long mobile games for free. Learning science and technology knowledge during assembly and parameter setting and flight.

Works with F110S T8FB
Easier for RC Training
With the CS360 brand new mini racing plane flight controller designed by radiolink, the F110S automatically gets the perfect parameters and flight angle, different from other flight controllers that need to do PID adjustment before use. Combine with radiolink 8 channel transmitter T8FB, which has setting parameters via Android smartphone and control distance is more than 1000 meters air, F110S will let you have fun both indoors and outdoors.

The first Drone can launch and start flying at any angle
F110S can start flying at any angle, no need to set any parameters. Head front forward point rudder bar without compass can not move, always means drone in the same direction, otherwise head direction will change according to rudder stick movement. Quick answer, in a short time anyone can become a master.

Even super fast flying in altitude hold mode
The brand new self-developed flight control system CS360 allows the F110S to fly at a very high speed even in Altitude Hold mode by using rotation vector algorithms by breaking the flaws of the Euler angles singular value.

Software Noise Reduction
Extend the service life
The software noise reduction technology not only enables noiseless F110S engines in flight, but also makes the motors more responsive and efficient than conventional 8520 coreless motors.

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