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Dilsil Tongue Cleaner is Effective in Bad Breath

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Dilsil Tongue Cleaner Effective in Bad Breath


Oral hygiene is provided by cleaning teeth and tongue.

The recessed structures in the mouth are the residential areas of microbes living in an oxygen-free environment, and one of them is the pulps on the tongue surface.

Oxygen-free environment microbes cause bad odor and disease. For example, bad breath and upper respiratory tract diseases are often caused by poor hygienic language.

Those who have a smoking habit have more intense halitosis as the lack of oxygen increases under the layer formed by the smoke.

The back of the tongue should be pink in color like the tip of the tongue, if it is white, it is the cause of bad odor.

DİLSİL grasps the tongue like a belt with its U-shaped design suitable for tongue anatomy.


Its patented special design compatible with the tongue anatomy is very effective.

Its raw material and paint are biocompatible.

There are 5 different colors for family members in the Family Set.

It is 100% Turkish Made, its production and packaging are made under hygienic conditions.

It is the only tongue scraper registered by the Ministry of Health.


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