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Myminibaby Advanced Swimming Sleeve

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Myminibaby Advanced

Myminibaby advanced arm sleeves keep the child's head 10 cm above and in full balance. In this way, it is ensured that it can move comfortably and all its muscles work. Myminibaby advanced armchairs have been preferred all over Europe for 40 years with their security level and quality. The explosion-proof structures will allow you to use them safely for your children. In case of explosion of the arm cuffs, which will not explode unless pierced with a piercing tool, the sponge inside will prevent your child from sinking. One of the most ideal choices for those looking for a quality and reliable swimming aid will be Myminibaby advanced armbands. A repair kit is also sent with the arm sleeves. In this way, it can be said that it is a very budget-friendly option that can be repaired and used in case of explosion.

For whom is Myminibaby Advanced?

Myminibaby advanced armbands are suitable for children who have completed the beginner level. If your child has previously swam alone in the water and has certain psychomotor skills, the ideal law enforcement choice will be advanced. If your child stays alone in the water, turns around or shows performances such as swimming in the desired direction, it means that their psychomotor skills in the water improve.


* Myminibaby Advanced level swimming arm cuff is recommended for children who have previously used any arm cuffs and who have swim in the water alone with the armhole they use and have certain psychomotor skills.

* Myminibaby Advanced Arm Cuffs keep your child in the air only 10 cm above the water level, as the outer diameter of the cuffs is smaller than the starting level. The beginner arm arm holds 17cm above water level. Both swimming arm sleeves can be used up to 30 kg.

* Myminibaby Advanced swimming arm cuff inner diameter is the same size as the beginner level 7 cm. In order to be able to use advanced law enforcement, age, height and weight do not determine. It should be decided according to the motor skills of the child. The child's experience in water is very important here.

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