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Giorgio Armani Si Edp Perfume for Women 100 ml

Product Code: 1347997
  • $57.48

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Giorgio Armani Si Edp Perfume for Women 100 ml

Stylish, passionate, intense and at the same time soft. Sì is a fragrance born with the reinterpretation of the chypre, which harmonizes the skin and activates all the senses. A fragrance that combines the flavors of 3 fragrance families ... Chypre reflecting Armani delicacy, black currant bringing a fruity taste and musk creating a warm hare ... Red currant protects all fragrance elements like a banned fruit thanks to its special preservation method. This fragrance enchanting people, taking its power from the dark, reveals femininity and all passionate feelings. This creative essence is enhanced by two sensual vanilla scents. One is vanilla, which is used in its natural form and reveals the power of passion, and the other is an essence mixture that creates brand new dimensions from the usual scents with a unique method called Jungle Essence, which is used for the first time in an Armani perfume. Orcanox, a specially patented molecule, adds amber warmth to the scent and permanence to woody scents. Enriched with Freesia notes, May Rose combines with elegance and highlights the pleasant scent of patchouli.

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