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Bvlgari Man Wood Essence Edp 100 Ml Men Perfume 0783320461002

Product Code: 1348176
  • $63.79

Tags: Bvlgari, Man, Wood, Essence, Edp, 100, Ml, Men, Perfume, 0783320461002


Bvlgari Man Wood Essence Edp 100 Ml Men Perfume 0783320461002

Bvlgari Man Wood Essence Edp Men Perfume 60 ml

Leaves and Branches: Life Energy

Italian Citrus Flavor and Fresh Coriander Essence

Eau de Parfum is fueled by the spark created by citrus fruits and spices. The flavors of Italian citrus fruits invite you to the vibrant, spacious and vibrant lands of the Mediterranean. Fresh coriander leads to an unexpected fiery adventure. Body: Inner Strength - Cypress Tree and Haitian Vetiver Essence

It allows the formation of a living, durable and masculine tree. The evergreen cypress tree discharges the city's regulars throughout the year. Its deep green aroma intertwines and intensifies with the scent of vetiver, especially Haitian vetiver was chosen to be plump and seductive.

Roots: Reconnect

Cedarwood, Brown Amber, and Siamese Benzoin

Like the heart of the home, the foundation of a perfume should be warm and inviting. Presents the evergreen cedar tree. Enhancing the sooty feel, Morillas combined two different techniques for the distillation and purification of the wood, going even further, warming it with internal vibrant resin and sea notes. The result was an invigorating power. "

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