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Stihl Re 88 High Pressure Washer

Product Code: 1348055
  • $375.95

Tags: Stihl, Re, 88, High, Pressure, Washer

It is 100% Original Product and invoiced in your name.

Look that this product is under 2 Year Warranty STIHL Turkey.

It is 100% original and invoiced in your name with the Unique Serial Numbers on the Product.

So your product in the Guaranteed Income Hale Full Service Nok in Turkey.

We kindly ask you not to compare it with fake and cheap products in the market.

*** Turkey's Around the Over 700 Service and Warranty Facility ***

Entry-level model. With hose and cable holder, fan jet nozzle, detergent spray set.

Motor Power 1.7 kW
Weight 8.9 kg
Working Pressure 10-110 bar
Rotating Barrel
Hose Holder
Maximum Pressure 120 bar
Maximum Inlet Water Temperature 40 ° C
Maximum Water Flow 520 L / hr
Minimum Water Flow 0 L / hr

EC Electric Motor
The new EC electric motor produced by STIHL is an electronically variable DC (direct current) motor. In conventional AC motors, changing the direction of electrical current backwards or forwards is done mechanically. EC motors are permanent magnet and electronically adjust the direction of rotation according to the current. Therefore, it does not cause power loss in current changes as in AC (alternating current) motors. Main advantages of EC motor technology: 1. More efficient 2. Low operating and maintenance costs 3. Low noise level 4. Low heat losses, less overheating risk 5. Small dimensions 6. Easy control

Aluminum Pump
The very durable and reliable pistons of the high pressure pump made of aluminum material are made of stainless steel.

Detergent Spray Set
You may want to use detergent to get rid of excess dirt. In this case, simply connect the detergent bottle to the spray lance.
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