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Asbir 782 Seren Mesh Guest Chair

Product Code: 1348255
  • $188.97

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Asbir 782 Seren Mesh Guest Chair

Asbir 782 Seren Guest Chair

Our product is designed for your long-term use as a study chair, study chair in your office and at home. Thanks to its durable, ergonomic skeleton structure, you will not feel uncomfortable in sitting for a long time.

All dimensions and standards of our products are produced in accordance with Tse values.

Technicial Specifications

Brand: Asbir Furniture

Origin: Turkey (Istanbul)

Package: 70x70x120 Carton Box

Installation Installation And Use

Screwdriver is enough for installation.

-Our products are assembled before shipment and then delivered to you as disassembled.

-For easy installation, all parts are shipped in parcel, installation guide and video link are available in the manual.

- A damp cloth for cleaning and a mild soapy cloth for heavy stains and drying are required. Using chemicals will damage your product.

For the 2-year warranty period, all manufacturing faulty materials are covered free of charge.

-Our products are produced and shipped on order.

-You can share all your questions with us through customer service with installation usage and color and feature options.

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