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Asbir Venice 50300 Executive Chair Working Chair

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Asbir Venice 50300 Executive Chair Working Chair

Asbir Venice 50300 | Executive Chair | Working Chair | Office Chair | Artificial Leather Upholstered Working Chair-Fabric Upholstered Working Chair

Product General Features

Our product is designed for long-term use in your office or home as a study chair, gaming chair, gaming chair, study chair. Thanks to its durable, ergonomic and soft sponge covered skeleton structure, you will not feel uncomfortable during a long session.

The double-arm weight balance control mechanism, which enables use without requiring power during use, helps you determine your session style.

Foot and wheel structure suitable for long-term use in home and business environment does not damage the floor.

In the session, cleanable artificial leather upholstery, mesh fabric material is used on the back (fabric can be covered according to your preference).

All dimensions and standards of our products are produced in accordance with TSE values.

Technicial Specifications

Brand: Asbir Furniture

Origin: Turkey (Istanbul)

Product Name: Venice 50300 Executive Chair - Working Chair - Office Chair-

Skeleton: The back skeleton is manufactured from hard plastic in molds prepared according to body ergonomics. The upholstery material on the back is mesh fabric. The session part is plastic with beech papel on top and 32 dns sponge + 28 dns form sponge and fiber on it.

Title: Movable headboard is upholstered with mesh.

Mechanism: Double arm movement; It is a multi tilt mechanism that provides up-down, back-to-front movement and provides locking at the point you want.

Shock Absorber: A Class Shock Absorber shock absorber.

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