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X-Zal Gaming Chair Gameing Racer Seat Racer Chair Gaming Chair

Product Code: 1348378
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Tags: X-Zal, Gaming, Chair, Gameing, Racer, Seat, Racer, Chair, Gaming, Chair

X-Zal Gaming Chair Gameing Racer Seat Racer Chair Gaming Chair

X-Zal Gaming Chair Gameing Racer Seat Racer Chair Gaming Chair


It is ergonomic with its stylish design; does not disturb the body.

It supports your body with its comfortable seat and back form; You can work long hours and play games.

Usage areas

Gaming Chair, Computer Chair, Office Chair etc.

100% Domestic Production Without Intermediary

Your seats are produced in our own factory. It is 100% domestic capital.


VIP Cradle Mechanism

Double arm, double function VIP Cradle Mechanism is used. Complies with international norms.

Hand Adjustment Latch

The right hand adjustment latch adjusts the height.

The back part of the product can swing back and the left hand adjustment latch can fix the back part at the desired inclination.

In addition, the backward swinging intensity can be adjusted by a valve. When the valve is tightened, the swinging action will be more difficult.

It is beneficial to use these types of products in terms of your waist health.

Movable Armrest

Possibility to adjust the arms as you want. It does not hurt or hurt your arms.

Head Pillow

A stylish head pillow compatible with the model color is sent to you with the product.

360 Degree Movement Opportunity

It is quiet and does not scratch the parquet. It allows 360 degree movement. Durable mobile wheels.

180 Reclining Back Form

You can use it in the most comfortable way with its back form that lies up to 180 degrees.

First Quality Shock Absorber

Gas spring that can move up and down and provides 360 degrees rotation around its own axis.

Polyurethane Sponge Against Crash

Polyurethane; It has extremely high quality and privileged material properties in terms of density, elasticity, weight, design and flexibility.

It is known by the public for its use in automobile seats.

We use this special sponge in our products for your comfort and convenience.

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