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Evolite Speed-Lock Trekking Pole with External Lock

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Evolite Speed ​​Lock / Trekking Baton with External Adjustable Lock System 3-stage telescopic baton Closed length 70 cm Open length 135cm Height is adjustable from 70 to 135 cm Speed-Lock Quick external adjustment system Ergonomic grip is made of thermo material that is lighter than others and provides comfortable use in cold weather. This thermo-material is long enough to cover half of the top part of the baton. Thanks to the adjustable wrist straps, it transfers the load from hand to wrists. The perlons also reduce the risk of dropping the batons. The anatomical grip non-slip surface continues to cover the first section; tungsten tip Supplied with double cylinder and silent tip With trekking pallet Wide Snow Pallet Gift Color orange Sold in pairs HOW DO I ADJUST THE SIZE OF MY BATTERIES IN AN IDEAL WAY? The baton should be held so that the front part of the arm parallel to the body forms a right angle. Never cross the STOP line to avoid breaking it. USAGE RECOMMENDATIONS These hiking poles are designed to help you maintain balance, push yourself forward, and share effort between arms and legs. For added security, check the lock of your baton before going out for a ride and after regular use by testing the bolstering feature. Do not hang your poles on your backpack during stormy weather. CARE RECOMMENDATIONS Caring for your batons properly will keep them effective and prolong their service life. If water has leaked into the baton after use, disassemble it and let it dry. Finally, clean the dust and mud caused by water with a soft brush. After it dries, you can reassemble the pieces. Do not oil or polish.

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